• So, my venue already has a coordinator. Why do I need a planner?
  • My mom/best friend/aunt will be helping throughout the planning process, so do I still need a Wedding Coordinator?
  • I have already done all of the planning. Do I still need a Coordinator?
  • Do you offer consultation?
  • How early can we hire you to coordinate our wedding?
  • How do I contact you to book?
  • What forms of payments do you accept?

YES! In the weeks leading up to your wedding your planner is solely FOCUSED on you and your wedding. He/she is dedicated to YOU, your wedding, and their PRIORITY is to ensure seamless transitions of all your wedding day events. Their presence allows you and your FAMILY to fully ENJOY each moment. on the other hand, a venue’s coordinator’s sole interest is for the venue. They’re responsible their onsite staff, they may or not be there when you need them or stay the entire time of your wedding. He/she will not be corralling your bridal party or families for pictures.

YES! Your family and dear friends are your guests, and while they might have said yes to helping you plan your wedding, I believe they would love to be celebrating with you and creating new memories rather than being the go to person in charge of critical decision making. Allow your guests to be your guests and we will assist you with the details. We will oversee the décor setup, logistics, communicate with your vendors, guests, and your wedding party. We anticipate any problems and ready with solutions, we ensure that your vision is executed, and you’ll why you ever considered not hiring us from the beginning.

YES! All the more reason to hire us! you’ve done the hard work, and that is why We offer our signature Month of Management. We will gather all the information of all your vendors, confirm and start the management service of your selected vendors, we will assist you with facilitating your wedding rehearsal. On the day of wedding, we will be there to oversee the setup, and present during ceremony and reception to ensure that your hard work and vision are executed and event transitions smoothly which allows you to fully enjoy each moments as they happen.

YES. We offer a complimentary initial 30 min. “Discovery Call” conversation to see if our services will benefit you in your planning journey; however, if you prefer to discuss in-depth specifics about the elements, vision, goals, mood boards, or design ideas for your event, we are happy to schedule a consultation via our calendar. This is charged at an hourly rate.

You can secure our service 12 months to 4 weeks prior to your wedding.

You can use the chat option, email, text, or fill out the contact form on our website. We will schedule a complimentary initial 30 min. “let’s get acquainted” conversation with you to see if our services will benefit you in your planning journey.

All payments must be paid by personal check, cashier’s check, money order, or pay pal. We are open to discussing other payment options you’d like to explore.