Black and Gold Surprise 50th Birthday Gala

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Black and Gold Surprise 50th Birthday Gala

I love planning weddings and events for others, it’s a true passion of mine, but planning a birthday celebration for a family member or friend has such a personal touch. This year my husband was celebrating the big 5-0 so I just knew I had to put together an unforgettable event (and of course, keep it a surprise!)

If I’m being honest, my husband hates surprises (he would much rather take a vacation), and he is deserving of every honor and more which is why planning and designing for this event was even more fun!

As I was contemplating on ideas on how to honor my husband a friend of mine suggested we do it as a surprise! With the story that she is having an Anniversary. A surprise was the only way if this event was going to happen. Although his birthday was June 9th, we started planning in February. At the time, that gave me exactly four months to plan and design this event—challenge accepted!

I decided to disguise the entire thing as a friend's anniversary party and as my friend had guessed, he was unsuspecting! Although four months was a shorter timeline, it was just enough time for me to find a venue and get in touch with family and friends who resided out of state to tell them of the plans and allow for travel arrangements to be made!

February can start to get busy for events such as birthday parties, so I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to find a venue in time that would have availability. Luckily, a local Holiday Inn had availability and was happy to accommodate us (phew, one thing off the checklist!) I used Party Labz, an online event planning website that includes RSVP tracking, to house all of the event details including the meal choice. Because I was planning “my friend’s anniversary party”, he never questioned the numerous calls or appointments I had with vendors. At times I even asked for his opinion on certain things (little did he know he was helping plan his own party!)

I decided on a gold and black theme—which I officially named “Louis Golden Birthday Gala”—as it is timeless and perfectly fit the black tie style attire I was going for. Gold chargers and goldware topped black tablecloths with white hydrangeas and calla lily’s in tall vases for the centerpieces. We even had the menus placed in white napkins folded like a tuxedo, a simple but elegant touch!

One of the biggest design touches was the 20-foot wall to be covered and draped in fabric (which I did myself measuring, cutting, and sewing each panel of black tafetta!)

The day of the party he had taken off work with the plan to assist me in setting up, only to be told his help was no longer needed—let me tell you he wasn’t too happy. Once I returned home from completing the final touches, he was even more upset that we were running late as he hates being late, so much so he barely spoke to me on the ride there!

Once we arrived, changed into our attire, and the doors down the red carpet draped entrance opened, he was in shock. I have to say I was impressed everyone kept it a secret! He was really surprised when our families from out of state made their appearance, and the icing on the cake was when his older brother walked in!

I couldn’t have been happier with how this surprise birthday party came together and best of all, it was for someone incredibly special to me—my husband!

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