A Beginner’s Guide to Filing Taxes as a Newly Wed Couple

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Marriage is considered one of the most memorable moments in a person’s life, so it’s got to be done right. Consequently, leading up to the big day, there are copious arrangements to take care of, from booking the venue to hiring a band and caterer. 

However, one important thing that is almost certainly not considered is how taxes will get filed after marriage. Therefore, many couples are usually caught unaware, which can be detrimental, especially as they start their new life together.

So, to educate you on filing taxes after getting married, Jubillee Signature Events has put together a beginner’s guide to filing taxes as a newly-wed couple. Through this guide, you will learn about the change in accounting requirements after you tie the knot.

Getting Started

Set a date: Once you decide which month you’re getting married, you can start to meticulously plan everything from what kind of cake you want to the ceremony’s layout. Remember, don’t forget to put tax filing on your to-do list.

Be patient: Planning a wedding can start on a happy note, but it can soon turn stressful, so it’s vital to stay calm and keep things in perspective. It’s why we advise couples to start looking into filing taxes early on, as there are too many things to think about closer to the big day.

Next Steps

Make amendments: Once you’re married, we recommend that you notify the social security administration of any name change or hyphenated names, sooner rather than later to avoid potential issues.

Speak to HR: Make sure that you change your withholding status, notify your human resource department of any changes, and update your W-4 form.

Advice From The Pros

Speak to a professional: When in doubt regarding filing taxes as a couple, we suggest that you seek advice from your tax attorney or visit the internal revenue services for clarification. 

We are not tax professionals, but we’re specialists in planning weddings, so if you need some help getting on track, then give us a call.

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